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A place to collect my thoughts on data analysis within Enrollment Management. Dare I call it Enrollment Science?

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30 October 2016
Tableau Dataextract Api Python Rodeo

05 March 2016
Neo4j Prototyping With Cloud9 And Neogen

02 March 2016
Neo4j Import With R

09 December 2015
R Mongodb Reposting

08 December 2015
Environment Variables In Rstudio On Mac

08 December 2015
Diagrammer For Neo4j Data Modeling

29 November 2015
Useful Snippets Interfacing With Neo4j From R

28 November 2015
Use Neo4j As Data Model Tool For Salesforce

14 November 2015
Shiny App Nhl Play By Play

14 November 2015
Model App Growth And Yield With R

31 March 2015
Prismaticr Intro

29 March 2015
Mission Statement Topics

22 February 2015
Predict Competition Amongst Undergraduate Institutions Using Neo4j

15 August 2014
My Thoughts On Enrollment Science

19 June 2014
Use R To Calculate And Study Basic Admissions Metrics

06 May 2014
Forecast College Enrollment

24 January 2014
Reaction: Netflix Like Recommendations For College

07 December 2013
Predictive Analytics In Enrollment Management

05 December 2013
Learn More About The Visitors That Complete Goals On Your Website

02 December 2013
R And Mongodb Walkthru

27 November 2013
Doing Advanced Analytics Inside Tableau Using R

07 November 2013
Use R To Analyze Google Analytics